Friday, January 28, 2011

Chew N Spit Technique

After a very frightening and deadly incident, my ED got the best of me.
I was being stupid, and drunk and almost took my life while purging - i ripped my throat so bad its still hurts. and its been two weeks now.
i joined hot yoga, tried being ana, and ate healthy, but i fell off the wagon.
then just earlier tonight, i was starting a binge when i realised something i should've a long time ago - the chew n spit technique.
basically, you chew your food then spit it out. yes its that easy. and because you dont actually ingest the food, you dont gain weight. but when it comes to sugary and carb-loaded foods, a lot of it will absorb through your spit. so i found that having a glass of water beside me helped. i would first spit out the sugary goodness, then before swallowing my spit i would swish around a tiny bit of water and spit it out.
it only really sounds gross if you're not mia. because we all know nothing is nastier than purging. (atleast in the beginning)
anyways im still going to hot yoga almost everyday and i do eat when i go, and i eat when i work, then i always have a little bit of something heavy in my stomach that takes awhile to digest so i always have enough energy to make it through the day. but when i want to binge or i crave something sweet, i do the chew n spit technique so i wont gain any.
i hope this helps you guys! thanks for reading! :D

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