Monday, February 14, 2011


So today was my first time using laxatives. it didnt go as well as i had hoped.
After a lot of research i realised how dangerous they really are. i decided i would only use them when i needed them, like before a hot date night or before a photoshoot - times when i desired a flat stomach and i wanted to be swept clean. Of course, it beng v day and all i do have a date tonight.
I use suppository ones. its so nasty using them and stuff but they were the only ones that claimed they work in less than an hour. and i guess its a good thing because it'll prevent me from popping a whole box, right?
Lately i havent purged in a very long time. I've just been using the chew n spit technique and the laxatives. plus i've been going to hot yoga almost every day. its going really well i really like it :) it keeps me busy and keeps me from constantly punishing myself for what i look like in relation to what my goals are.
things in my life were going really well.. i had a really bad last few days though :( i hope things get better for me, and soon. i also hope i lose weight because i have gained all my weight back in muscle from all the yoga. im trying to be patient though, and realising that it takes time for the best of things to happen. and lots of hard work.