Sunday, January 2, 2011

Expanding my Mia/Ana Network

So it has happened. I have given in to my chocolate cravings and I've purged again. I made sure I checked my throat to make sure there was no damage first though. Luckily, it looked safe so i went for it.
this happened a few days ago. but lately i've been feeling that i've had rotten breath, and right now my throat hurts. I've decided that this is too hard to keep on doing alone, i need more support.
I'm reaching out to others now, I'm looking for ana buddies especially. it seems that if i can control the binging, i can just purge less and i'll stop hurting myself so much. also i really seem to lose weight the less often i b/p as long as if i keep a good control on what i eat.
but i think the most important thing right now is reaching my goals. i want to get my life back on track. i want to start overacheiving with everything and living a good balanced life, i want to be able to get out of bed before 7am everyday again. this starts with a good nights sleep, so i must go.
but the most important of all.... i want to start working out alot again, and i want to meet my goal weight of 115 pounds for february 1st. i want you guys to meet your goals too, so make sure you post a comment here with your blog address or send me a message on here.
success comes easier with teamwork. what a cheesy (but true) line.


  1. Hey, it's pinksky from yuku forums ~
    I was curious, on bulimia how much have you lost?
    I mean, from your highest weight to now.

    I feel like I'm losing nothing anymore.

  2. Yeah it takes lots of work to actually lose weight from mia. you have to be aware of how much you actually get out of you, and be able to know when you're done purging.
    Basically i prevented myself from gaining any weight but i did manage to lose 6 pounds in a week. that was my biggest acheivement. my highest weight ever was 132 pounds and right now im about 124.
    btw hows it going?

  3. Ah, I see.
    It hasn't been going all that great.
    I binged on pasta ... lots of pasta late at night and I feel awful, I can't purge either, I waited to long. I can never seem to go the whole day w/o eating. Sometimes I do, I have mia/ana tendencies. I seem to be gaining/losing/abusing laxatives. I'm gettin no where. =__=;