Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mia to Ana; Hungry as Hell

So you're probably wondering why I'm not bulimic anymore... its just a temporary thing, I promise you (and myself!) that.
Last night I was trying to purge and I was having a difficult time doing so all day. Usually when I have a hard time, I just chug whiskey or gin straight until I gag and then purge. It works everytime.
Unfortunately I couldn't sneak any booze because of guests. So i tried extra hard, when i did I hit the back of my throat HARD. My body froze for a minute, and I started bleeding - the bleeding didn't last very long, and there was only about an ounce (shotglass) worth. It was scary as hell though.
The back of my throat hurts so bad and is so swollen... I'm scared to purge. So I'm dieting strictly, starting today.
Today I've only had a little yogurt cup and a serving of scrambled eggs and veggies. Im doing well so far, but im hungry again... so im going to go to the kitchen and eat an apple or orange. then im going to work out!
wish me luck guys... the next week or so is going to be really difficult for me. So I'll be writing posts in here regularily. Last time I weighed myself nekked I was 122.2 now I'm 122.6... damnit! Oh well, i understand that as I begin to work out more often, the number on the scale may get higher. I'm willinging to go through that, just as long as my measurements go down...


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