Saturday, December 25, 2010

Holiday Cheer and Fighting Decay

So the last few days have been pretty good for me.
I've been so busy with my family I haven't had time to zone out on my laptop at all
So i finally come here with the time to post about my holiday.
It has been pretty good, I've managed to actually lose a pound!
Whenever I ate a family dinner, i would just take small amounts of my favourite foods - and i spread them across my plate so it looked like a lot of food. then when eating the food, I'd have a glass of wine with it - i would take a small bite, then a sip of wine. its the only way i really enjoy drinking wine, really.
I also found it relatively easy to purge the past two days.
Last night was xmas eve, and because there wasn't a lock on the bathroom door i didn't risk purging there. I saved the chocolate and high-fattening stuff to eat for right before i left. as soon as i got home, my parents were too busy watching a xmas movie to pay attention to what i was doing so i went and purged. nobody suspected a thing!
just tonight the celebration was at my place. this made it pretty easy for me because i have all the hygeine care i need here. so i followed the same pattern and nobody could hear a thing over the celebration.
After the family left, I got on here to post on this. I also did some research about what some of the people at the ED society were wondering about.
I googled "ways to counteract tooth decay in an acidic diet" and i got thise webpage:
basically, translated to information you guys can use, its best to brush your teeth BEFORE purging. then, after you done, make sure you rinse your mouth out well with water or even better, a flouride mouthwash. i prefer mine without alchohol. It says doing this will help reduce the amount of erosion caused by acid but if you brush your teeth after you have a chance of wearing down the enamel because the acid softens it, and the bristles wear down on it. this was very helpful for me!

In my other world, things with the man... I'm still breaking up with him. I'm going to give back the present he bought me so he can use the money to get ahead. an issue that i never thought about before was his parents. they are some of the nicest people i know and they care about me - they'v shown it time and time again. I hope this break up doesn't hurt them

but other than that, these past few days have been great. they've been busy too, and i've enjoyed spending time with family. life is pretty good, and it finally feels as if things are starting to come together again

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