Saturday, November 27, 2010

First blog!

OKAY so first of all i want to state that i have freedom of speech so i can express my viewpoints here on this page. if you like it, keep reading, if not, then leave.
I am here to share with you my experiences with bulimia and how to do it without killing yourself in the process. I decided to do it so i could lose weight, i'm not doing this as a form of self-harm so if you are or are thinking of doing that this wont be the site for you.

Okay, so now I will begin...
The last few days have been rough for eating. My low-carb diet has crashed and burned for sure. Over the last 24 hours i managed to eat a bag of sour candy, two boxes of nerds and 5 lindor chocolates. So much for cutting out sugar too! BTW i'm a total chocoholic, i need it every day or i get grumpy lol
i took a break away from mia for the last few days cause i got carried away earlier this week. i find that if i do it too often it stops working, so i just stopped. I'm never going to be a model if i keep this up!
One thing that i noticed that helps with purging today is whisky. and i dont mean get sideways-hammered but just put a little in a glass and drink it right before hand. whisky has always made me gag, honestly i'd rather drink 151 rum straight than whisky (even the super-expensive kind!). urgh. i also noticed today that one thing that helps increase my motivation is pictures of supermodels.
Idk i feel kinda lonely on this site, i dont really know anyone here lol so if you read this, and you like it, just keep on following. i should come up with some better things to say as time goes by.

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